In the Press
April 7, 2023

Federal Judge Rules to Freeze Use of Abortion Pill Nationwide (Axios)

A federal judge in Texas on Friday moved to force the Food and Drug Administration to pull its approval of a drug widely used in medication abortion, throwing its availability into doubt. Health and abortion providers have said that they plan to switch to a protocol only using the second abortion drug, misoprostol, if mifepristone becomes unavailable. The use of misoprostol alone for abortions is supported by the World Health Organization. However, it might be more difficult to get insurance coverage for a misoprostol-only abortion due to its off-label use, said Susan Lee, a Life Sciences partner who specializes in the FDA's regulation of drugs and biologics. It is unclear how the ruling in the Texas case affects these challenges, but it's possible that it would "moot" them, Goodwin's Lee told Axios. "I think it mifepristone is no longer on the market because it's been found to have been not lawfully approved, then I kind of think the issue was mooted to some extent," Lee added.