In the Press
October 28, 2023

Asia Institutions Look to Us Real Estate Debt Amid Funding Crunch (AsianInvestor)

American property-linked debt offers solid returns and strong market fundamentals, experts say. Asian institutional investors are betting on returns in US real estate private debt, amid increased confidence in the country's real estate equity space, according to industry sources. Ben Tschann, Hospitality & Leisure partner and co-chair, said the move by investors into American real estate private debt wasn't simply a passing fad. "The market has got longevity to it," he told AsianInvestor. "There's such a healthy appetite for it, and there's a big argument for it: it's investing in US dollars and investing in an economy that's obviously mature and robust, and which can withstand pretty significant disruptions". He added, "To be the first mortgage lender, you're putting out maybe 60-70% of the value of an asset. You can put $10 million and get 15-17% return on that."