In the Press
March 5, 2024

Old Money Meets New Approaches as Boston’s Asset Managers Update Their Offerings (The Boston Globe)

Boston's money management companies are focusing on new approaches, technologies, and funds to boost their earnings and maintain attractive business economics. Fidelity Investments has introduced a cryptocurrency fund and is seeking SEC approval for another cryptocurrency fund that would trade Ethereum. The investment industry remains a key component of Greater Boston's economy, with 10 of the largest local money managers managing over $12 trillion in assets. Offering investment opportunities with higher growth potential and risks could help local money managers maintain Boston's dominance in the industry. Conventional investment pros have moved into alternative investments, such as private equity, for investors willing to take bigger risks for bigger returns. “It used to be that Boston was 15 years behind New York City in alternatives,” said Brynn Peltz, Private Investments partner, “but it’s catching up.” More in the Boston Globe.