In the Press
March 18, 2024

Market Standards Trend Report Trends in UK Equity Capital Markets in 2023 (LexisNexis)

Ariel White-Tsimikalis, Technology and Life Sciences partner and lead of the UK Equity Capital Markets & Public Company practice in London, discusses the latest market standards and trends in UK capital markets in 2023. The FCA has proposed a significant reform of the UK listing regime, including a single equity share segment and a new UK Listing Rules sourcebook. "The FCA’s proposals are moving the UK listing regime away from a prescribed rules-based approach designed to protect investors to a more disclosure-based one in which investors determine for themselves the criteria on which they are prepared to invest and allocate capital. These reforms would align the UK’s regulatory framework more closely with those of other jurisdictions, including the US, which follow a more flexible disclosure-based approach." she said to LexisNexis.