Press Release October 04, 2022 October 04, 2022
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Goodwin Launches in Singapore to Continue Focus on Private Equity, Technology and M&A

高赢律师事务所宣布成立新加坡办事处 专责私募股权、科技与并购

Global law firm Goodwin announced today the opening of its Singapore office. Located in the city’s central business district, the office serves clients raising, deploying and lending capital in the region and around the world. Singapore is Goodwin’s second location in Asia and the 15th office globally.

Private investment funds partner Greg Barclay chairs the new office, which initially includes private equity partner Abhishek Krishnan, counsel Ananth Lakshman and a team of associates. Goodwin’s Hong Kong-based lawyers also support the new office and the firm’s clients in Singapore and the wider region. Private investment funds partner Elyn Xing will spend significant time in Singapore over the coming months. In 2021 and through the first half of 2022, Goodwin was named the top law firm by deal count for global mergers and acquisitions by Refinitiv.

“Singapore is a key hub for the technology, life sciences, real estate, private equity and financial services industries for Southeast Asia and India,” said Yash Rana, chair of Goodwin’s Asia practice and co-chair of the global Private Equity practice. “Our new office in Singapore is important to our strategy of working with investors and companies in these key sectors.”

The firm’s Hong Kong office opened in 2008 and today includes nearly 50 lawyers and global operations team professionals. The top-ranked practice is consistently recognized for excellence, including in the 2022 editions of Chambers Asia-Pacific, Chambers Greater China Region and The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific. The Hong Kong and Singapore offices will work together seamlessly to meet the needs of the firm’s clients.

“Goodwin’s global platform is uniquely positioned to serve clients at the busy intersection of capital and innovation, and Singapore – a magnet for both start-ups and capital flows – is at the heart of this intersection,” said Greg Barclay, chair of Goodwin’s Singapore office. “We are thrilled to launch the office and assist our clients with achieving their strategic objectives.”

The team brings with it decades of cross-border transaction experience. Barclay’s practice focuses on the formation of and investment into private equity, venture capital, credit, infrastructure, real estate and hybrid funds, as well as other capital-structuring matters across the alternative asset classes, including joint ventures, co-investments, segregated accounts, investment management mandates and complex secondaries/restructuring transactions.

Krishnan and Lakshman have a broad-based transactional practice with an emphasis on advising companies, sponsors and promoters in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, early and late stage venture capital and growth equity investments, PIPEs, joint ventures and other corporate transactions.

2022月10月4日 – 高赢国际律师事务所(Goodwin) 今天宣布成立新加坡办事处。新加坡办事处位于市中心商业区,为新加坡及全球客户在筹集、部署和借贷资本方面提供服务。新加坡是高赢在亚洲的第二个办事处,也是全球第 15 个办事处。

私募基金合伙人 Greg Barclay 担任新加坡办事处主席,并与私募股权合伙人 Abhishek Krishnan、顾问 Ananth Lakshman 及律师团队驻守新加坡。高赢香港办事处的律师也会协助新办事处服务新加坡及更广泛亚太区的客户。私募基金合伙人 Elyn Xing(邢倩)将在未来几个月驻守新加坡。 2021 年至 2022 年上半年,高赢获Refinitiv 选为按交易量计全球最活跃的并购律师事务所。

高赢私募股权联席主席兼亚洲业务部主席荣雅士(Yash Rana) 表示:“新加坡是东南亚和印度科技、生命科学、房地产、私募股权和金融服务行业的重要中心。新加坡新办事处对于我们与这些重点行业投资者和公司的合作战略非常重要。”

高赢香港办事处于 2008 年成立,如今拥有近 50 名律师和专业辅助人员。以卓越服务备受业界推崇,获包括2022 年版《钱伯斯亚太》、《钱伯斯大中华》和《亚太法律 500 强》在内的法律评级机构高度评价。香港和新加坡办事处将紧密合作,以满足公司客户的需求。

高赢新加坡办事处主席Greg Barclay表示:“高赢的全球平台具有独特定位,可以在资本和创新频密交汇的领域服务客户,而新加坡作为一个吸引初创企业和资金流入的市场亦是这个交汇领域的核心。我们很高兴能够成立办事处并协助我们的客户实现他们的战略目标。”

高赢团队拥有数十年的跨境交易经验。 Barclay 专责设立及投资私募股权、风险投资、信贷、基础设施、房地产和混合基金,以及涵盖另类资产的其他资本结构事项,包括合资企业、共同投资、独立账户、投资管理授权和复杂的二级/重组交易。

Krishnan 和 Lakshman提供的交易服务范围广泛,尤其注重为公司及发起人提供关于跨国并购、收购、早期和后期风险投资和成长股权投资、私人投资公开股票(PIPE)、合资企业和其他公司交易的建议。