Press Release November 18, 2022

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Joins WESAKE as Co-Founder and Partner

Goodwin advised WESAKE on its partnership with Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, who joined the company as a co-founder and partner. 
WESAKE partners with a 280-year-old sake brewery in the Nada-Gogo district of Kobe, Japan to craft premium-grade Junmai Ginjo sake that is served in stylish cans. WESAKE is crisp, smooth, and easy to drink.
Brooklyn Peltz Beckham
is an English media personality, model, and photographer. He is the eldest son of former England footballer, David Beckham, and English singer-turned-fashion designer, Victoria Beckham.
The Goodwin team was led by Joshua Eisenson and Beth Withers, and included Chad Boswell, Trey O’Callaghan, and David Scott
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