The crowdfunding industry has experienced explosive growth in the past decade and permanently transformed the traditional fundraising model. With variations ranging from donation-based and rewards-based crowdfunding to equity-based crowdfunding, individuals and entrepreneurs are given access to new avenues of funding that were not previously available to them. For entrepreneurs, crowdfunding also provides a test environment for their products, which is invaluable as they continue to scale and develop.

As the platforms continue to evolve, so must the regulatory and legal aspects that govern these services. Goodwin’s combined expertise across the financial services, technology and regulatory practices make us the ideal legal partner in the crowdfunding space. We regularly advise platforms on matters relating to company formation, structuring, compliance under the JOBS Act, consumer securities provisions, private and public financings, M+A transactions and more. Our global team is equally proficient in advising the innovators and investors. This unique combination of deep experience in a rapidly-changing, technology-driven economy sets us apart.

Our capabilities as a life cycle firm mean that we partner with our clients through every stage of their growth, offering practical and strategic advice through each obstacle and past each corporate milestone.