Government Contracts & Grants

Helping companies navigate doing business with the government

Our Government Contracts & Grants team advises US and international companies that sell goods and services to or receive grants from federal and state agencies and tribal governments in the US. We represent companies in all aspects of the procurement process, including bidding on and negotiating contracts and grant awards with federal agencies. 

We also conduct due diligence for companies seeking to buy or sell businesses that have government contracts or receive public funding to identify and resolve any issues that could impact the transaction. And we help government contractors and grantees meet their legal obligations, including developing compliance programs and training their employees and board of directors on the rules they must follow.  

The leader of our practice has held in-house positions advising US senior defense officials on procurement, including buying products and services from government contractors. As a result, we understand what government agencies want and need from contractors and grantees, and we are uniquely positioned to provide practical advice on how to navigate these relationships – particularly for non-US companies doing business with the US Department of Defense.  

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In M&A transactions, we conduct due diligence for companies that plan to buy or sell businesses that have contracts with the government or receive public funding. We help identify and rectify issues involving national security, security clearances, and other concerns that could derail or devalue the transaction. This includes advising on federal and state contracts, compliance programs, litigation, and government investigations.

We help clients bid on, negotiate, and administer a range of government agreements, including contracts, grants, SBIRs, CRADAs, cooperative agreements, and OTAs. We file change of name agreements and prepare Novation packets for companies that have acquired businesses that hold government contracts or grants. We also negotiate modifications and amendments to government agreements.

We advise companies on the multitude of regulatory requirements and compliance obligations they are subject to as government contractors and grantees. We help them understand their rights and responsibilities under these agreements, including drafting and updating their policies and procedures to ensure they’re in compliance. We also design and conduct training for their employees and senior leaders on those policies and procedures.