The metaverse has the potential to not only transform how we interact with friends and family, but how we work, engage with brands, and buy products and services.

Definitions of the metaverse vary, but most focus on the emergence of a 3D internet that would enable the development of increasingly immersive virtual worlds. There are many metaverse platforms available already, and each offers a different experience that varies depending on how the platform uses extended reality (XR) – the name for a set of “experiential technologies” that include augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR).

The space is changing rapidly, driven by accelerating innovation in XR software and hardware – and in Web 3.0 technologies based on blockchains (such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs), which power activities in the metaverse. As the metaverse grows, it is to likely have a significant effect on the global economy, businesses, and consumer markets.

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