Life Sciences Perspectives
April 12, 2023

US Artificial Intelligence Regulations: Watch List for 2023

Companies are developing, deploying, and interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies more than ever. At Goodwin, we are keeping a close eye on any regulations that may affect companies operating in this cutting-edge space.

For companies operating in Europe, the landscape is governed by a number of in force and pending EU legislative acts, most notably the EU AI Act, which is expected to be passed later this year; it was covered in our prior client alert here: EU Technology Regulation: Watch List for 2023 and Beyond. The United Kingdom has recently indicated that it may take a different approach, as discussed in our client alert on the proposed framework for AI regulation in the United Kingdom here: Overview of the UK Government’s AI White Paper.

For companies operating in the United States, the landscape of AI regulation remains less clear. To date, there has been no serious consideration of a US analog to the EU AI Act or any sweeping federal legislation to govern the use of AI, nor is there any substantial state legislation in force (although there are state privacy laws that may extend to AI systems that process certain types of personal data).

Read the client alert here.

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