July 31, 2012

Update: Massachusetts Gaming Commission Holds Weekly Meeting

On July 31, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission convened its 19th public meeting, which was attended by a member of Goodwin Procter’s Gaming, Gambling & Sweepstakes Practice.  The meeting clocked in at a record-breaking 10 minutes, with only a single item on the agenda.  Commissioner McHugh chaired the meeting in Chairman Crosby’s absence.  The Commissioners briefly discuss the report, drafted by Commissioner McHugh, that outlines the Commission’s recommendations as to charitable gaming.

The Commission has recommended the State Lottery oversee charitable gaming in Massachusetts, rather than the Commission.  The State Lottery already regulates approximately 73% of charitable gaming in the Commonwealth.  Commissioner McHugh has had prior discussions about passing oversight of charitable gaming to the State Lottery with the Attorney General, Treasurer and the Lottery itself.  All three are supportive of the recommendation.

The Commission voted unanimously to transmit its report to legislative leadership July 31.

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