Press Release
August 21, 2014

Two Goodwin IP Supreme Court Cases Named “Ones to Watch” by Law360

Law360 recently recognized two Goodwin Procter U.S. Supreme Court cases as ones to watch in the second half of 2014. Trademark case B&B Hardware v. Hargis Industries was one of four cases profiled in the article Trademark Cases to Watch in the 2nd Half of 2014, while Supreme Court case Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. v. Sandoz Inc. was named as one of five patent cases – and the only patent Supreme Court case – to follow in Patent Cases to Watch in the 2nd Half of 2014.

In B&B Hardware, the Supreme Court is set to answer the question of whether the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s finding of a likelihood of confusion precludes respondent from relitigating that issue in infringement litigation. In Teva v. Sandoz, the High Court will look at the standard of appellate review for district courts' interpretation of patent claims.

Goodwin partners William Jay and Robert Carroll are representing B&B Hardware; partners William Jay, David Hashmall, Henry Dinger, and Daryl Wiesen, are representing Teva Pharmaceuticals. In both cases Goodwin successfully persuaded the Supreme Court to grant review and hear argument on the merits.

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