In the Press
April 29, 2022

LexisPSL Market Tracker Trend Report: Trends in UK Equity Capital Markets 2021-2022 (LexisNexis)

2021 was a remarkable year for the UK equity capital markets. Against the backdrop of continuing uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic, IPOs came back with a vengeance and further fundraising activity continued at pace. "This new minimum market cap threshold for the premium and standard listing segments will help redirect capital towards London’s more junior markets and increase the use of these junior markets as stepping stones to the Main Market or potentially even the US markets. Over time, greater use of London’s junior markets should help to improve liquidity and valuation ranges on these markets which in turn will help to make accessing the public markets an increasingly attractive proposition at an earlier stage of a growth company’s life cycle," said Ariel White-Tsimikalis, Capital Markets partner at Goodwin. Read the LexisNexis report here.