In the Press
June 13, 2022

U.S. Courts Annual Review - First Circuit (Global Competition Review)

The past year saw a decrease in significant antitrust decisions within the First Circuit, as several long-standing cases wound down. Nevertheless, remaining class actions raising antitrust claims in the context of pharmaceuticals produced important decisions, both on matters of antitrust substance (e.g., market power and causation) and procedure (e.g., determining whether certain claims are subject to arbitration). Outside the pharmaceuticals context, decisions were issued in a variety of areas, ranging from challenges to real-estate brokerage commission rules alleged to have been collusive to challenges to cases assessing the extraterritorial reach of the Sherman Act. Antitrust + Competition partner Christopher Holding and Appellate Litigation partner Brian Burgess of Goodwin explain more in an extract from GCR’s US Courts Annual Review - Edition 3. Read the article here.