Antitrust Implications of State Regulators’ Increasing Scrutiny

June 13, 2024 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT


Following the recent joint inquiry by the FTC, DOJ, and HHS into the impact of private equity and other corporate entities on the healthcare sector, several state legislatures and AGs are ramping up oversight of healthcare transactions, often with a clear focus on private equity. More than a dozen states have adopted healthcare transaction review laws and notification requirements, which often look like “mini-HSR filings.”

This webinar is for healthcare providers, private equity firms, and others interested in learning more about the antitrust implications of the current state regulatory environment in the healthcare sector. We will discuss:

  • The background and scope of the notification regimes that have been implanted in more than a dozen states
  • Key requirements and timing considerations for private equity firms that may invest in or acquire healthcare providers
  • Best practices and strategies for navigating the complex and varying state laws and regulations that apply to healthcare transactions, particularly for private equity-backed entities
  • Pending legislation in states such as California, which explicitly targets private equity investment in acquisitions of certain healthcare entities