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April 21, 2023

Interstate Cannabis Commerce May Be In Reach, With Caveats (Law360)

On Jan. 27, California's Department of Cannabis Control, or DCC, laid the groundwork for the potential opening of interstate cannabis commerce when it requested that the California attorney general issue a written opinion that the state's authorization of interstate cannabis agreements would not pose a significant legal risk to the state. California became the second state to authorize such agreements when it passed S.B. 1326 last year. Oregon passed a similar law in 2019. But unlike the Oregon law and similar proposed legislation in other states, which require federal approval to become effective, California's law authorizes interstate cannabis agreements upon the issuance of a state attorney general opinion, without the need for federal action. Cannabis associates Adam Horowitz and Harry Berezin, with partners Brett Schuman and Jennifer Fisher contributing, explain more in Law360.