Advising innovators and investors across the cannabis value chain

As cannabis businesses expand and US state and federal laws evolve, new opportunities and risks are emerging for operators and investors alike. Our Cannabis team has a deep understanding of the legal cannabis industry and what makes it unique worldwide.

Whether you are a grower, manufacturer, retailer, or investor, we can help you achieve your goals. We advise companies and investors across the business lifecycle, from startups and Fortune 100 companies to venture capital funds and financial institutions.

Our comprehensive coverage includes:

  • Structuring transactions, including M&A
  • Finding and developing investment opportunities, and obtaining funding
  • Advising on FDA matters
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Handling government and regulatory investigations
  • Advising on risks arising under federal law and keeping clients informed at the state level
  • Vigorously representing clients in all forms of litigation
  • Protecting data and ensuring privacy and cybersecurity
  • Conducting financial restructurings
  • Negotiating insurance coverage and claims

Connect with our Cannabis team and let us know how we can help.