In the Press
July 5, 2023

Investment Funds: Have They Become Companies Like the Others? (Décideurs)


From the rise of the "GP Stake" to the acceleration of their marketing, funds today encounter problems of financing, distribution and communication. This is news for the French asset management industry, yet they are common to any SME or CAC 40 company. "For a long time, it was a very confidential asset class. Today we see a lot more funds, we hear more about them, they are more numerous, more important and cover larger assets, they are no longer closed to a financial environment", explains Sarah Michel, Private Equity partner, to Décideurs. "The GP Stake is a recent trend in France and in Europe but older in the United States. Historically this mode of investment was reserved for large-cap funds, today we also see targeted offers from upper-mid- cap," completes Sarah Michel.