Life Sciences Perspectives
December 10, 2020

An Underestimated Real Estate Asset Class in Germany

World affairs are currently clouded by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In a very short period of time, approximately 191 vaccine projects have been launched according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Among the countries with a particularly large number of projects, approximately twenty in total, is Germany. This already displays the role Germany holds in the global life science market. Germany is known for its established and leading life science companies such as Bayer and Merck, but there are a number of other German life science companies that show potential to establish themselves on the world market such as BioNTech and CureVec. Moreover, a new and constantly growing generation of start-up companies has emerged in Germany in the field of life sciences, constituting 8.5% of all German startups established in 2019. The life sciences field therefore makes up the third strongest growth area in the German start-up scene.

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