In the Press
April 9, 2020

To Fight the Pandemic, Health Care Companies Face New Opportunities But Old Legal Risks (New York Law Journal)

The federal False Claims Act (FCA) is likely already on the radar of health care companies doing business with the government: It is a powerful tool for the DOJ (or private whistleblowers standing in the DOJ’s shoes) to seek recompense for false claims or false statements made in order to receive federal funds, authorizing treble damages and potentially sweeping penalties. Goodwin’s William Harrington and Annie Railton, both partners in the firm’s Securities Litigation and White Collar Defense practices, and Courtney Orazio, an associate in the same practices, discuss risks companies and contractors may find themselves in while navigating unchartered (and evolving) waters concerning the provision of medical care, heightened risks under the FCA may follow. Read the by-line in the New York Law Journal here.