In the Press
March 24, 2022

From Virtually Absent on the Deal Charts to Topping the List: Goodwin's 10-Year Journey to the Top (The American Lawyer)

This article looks at how Goodwin went from handling 85 deals a year less than a decade ago to more than 1,100 this year, topping the deal volume charts. Goodwin’s banner year was the result of long-laid plans, an increased dependence on business professionals, a collective attitude and some smooth salesmanship on the recruiting front. The firm’s first major step in the right direction came about 15 years ago, chair Rob Insolia says. The firm decided it wanted to be among the top four firms in a small number of sectors: life sciences, technology, financial services, private equity and real estate. “The premise was that if you understood the industry of your client as well as the client did, you could leverage off of that,” Insolia says. “There was another phenomenon that was taking place that we could be in the vortex of: the convergence of capital and innovation.” Goodwin’s COO Mike Caplan, Partners Larry Chu, Cammy Contizano, Associates Conner Pine, Yasin Akbari are also quoted. Read The American Lawyer article here.