Press Release
August 11, 2022

Insempra completes strategic investment into Solena

The Goodwin Life Sciences team advised Insempra on its strategic investment into Solena Materials Ltd (“Solena”) a synthetic biology company.  Solena, a spin-out from Imperial College London, develops synthetic proteins for high-performance clothing fibers. The investment will allow Insempra to accelerate its strategy of harnessing new technologies to advance biological production processes, creating naturally superior products. Solena will be a major part of Insempra’s platform to deliver high-performance, intrinsically sustainable ingredients for a broad array of industries.

Insempra, formerly Origin.Bio, is a biology-powered company enabling businesses to make superior products with nature. It positions itself by producing sustainable ingredients for top tier companies in a defined range of verticals including beauty and personal care, food, agriculture, materials and health.

Solena is a spin-out business from Imperial College London, incorporated in 2021. Its primary focus is to develop and manufacture advanced computationally designed protein-based fibres through the use of research undertaken by a team at Imperial College London (including the Solena founders). Solena’s ambition is to replace existing high-performance petroleum-derived fibres with protein-based fibres.

The deal team was led by Sophie McGrath and included Maria Dragun, Matthew Shelley, Tim Worden, Lucy Sharples and Luke Nauth.

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