Press Release November 14, 2019

eGenesis Announces $100 Million Series B Financing

The Life Sciences team advised eGenesis through the successful completion of a $100 million Series B financing.

eGenesis is a biotechnology company utilizing breakthrough gene editing technologies for the development of safe and effective human-compatible organs to address the global organ shortage. The company uses gene editing technology such as CRISPR to directly address the key virology and immunology hurdles that have impeded xenotransplantation to date.

The Series B financing will enable the acceleration of the eGenesis kidney xenotransplant program into the clinic, as well as support advancement of a range of other xenotransplant programs across islet cell, liver, heart, and lung.

The deal team was led by Catherine Magazu, Sarah Smith, Brittany Morreale and Katie Hand (corporate); and included Kingsley Taft and Kathleen Kean (licensing); Rich Matheny, Jake Osborn and Justin Pierce (CFIUS);  Jennifer Chunias (export controls); Dan Karelitz (tax); Tim Holahan (employment); and Jennifer Kelefant (Blue Sky Matters).

For more information, read the press release and articles in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, PE Hub and Silicon Republic.