Press Release July 27, 2020

Goodwin Named the Number One Law Firm for H1 2020 Global M&A

Goodwin has been named the number one law firm (by deal count) for Global M&A according to Refinitiv’s H1 2020 Global Mergers & Acquisitions Review. The recently released League Table noted that Goodwin had 40% more deals than its next closest competitors across announced and completed deals.

The firm also demonstrated dramatic growth in the Bloomberg and Mergermarket H1 M&A and Private Equity League Tables. These results reflect the expanded capabilities of Goodwin teams in Europe and Asia, where lawyer headcount has grown 28% over the past 2 years, and they continue to add key lawyers to their renowned Private Equity, Real Estate, Life Sciences, Technology and Financial Restructuring practices. 

Goodwin’s standout H1 2020 League Tables results include:

Refinitiv H1 Global Mergers & Acquisitions Review

  • #1 Global Announced M&A Deals (Deal Count)
  • #1 Global Completed M&A Deals (Deal Count)
  • #1 Global Announced Including Withdrawn M&A Deals (Deal Count)
  • #1 Global Principal Advisors Announced (Deal Count)
  • #1 Global Principal Advisors Completed (Deal Count)

Mergermarket H1 Global & Regional M&A Report

  • #2 Europe PE Buyouts (Deal Count)
  • #2 US PE Buyouts (Deal Count)
  • #2 US PE Exits (Deal Count)
  • #2 Global PE Exits (Deal Count)
  • #3 US M&A (Deal Count)
  • #3 Global PE Buyouts (Deal Count)
  • #5 Europe PE Exits (Deal Count)
  • #6 France M&A (Deal Count) 

Bloomberg H1 Global M&A Market Review

  • #3 US Announced Deals (Deal Count)
  • #4 Global Announced Deals (Deal Count)
  • #6 Hong Kong Announced Deals (Deal Count)
  • #8 France Announced Deals (Deal Count)
  • #11 Europe Announced Deals (Deal Count)
  • #12 UK Announced Deals (Deal Count)

Bloomberg H1 Global M&A Mid-Market Review

  • #1 Global Private Equity (Up to $50m) (Deal Count)
  • #2 Global Private Equity (Up to $250m) (Deal Count)
  • #2 US Mid-Market (Up to $250m) (Deal Count)
  • #3 Global Private Equity (Up to $500m) (Deal Count)
  • #3 US Mid-Market (Up to $500m) (Deal Count)
  • #4 Global Mid-Market (Up to $250m) (Deal Count)
  • #4 Global Mid-Market (Up to $500m) (Deal Count)
  • #13 UK Mid-Market (Up to $500m) (Deal Count)
  • #13 Western & Eastern Europe (Up to $500m) (Deal Count)