Life in a Downturn Series

Practical information on issues affecting the technology and life sciences sectors 

The technology and life sciences sectors globally experienced exponential growth for many years but are now facing a downturn characterised by rising costs, weaker growth, and languishing share prices. Whilst the sectors remain resilient, the uncertainty created by today’s headwinds presents new challenges for management teams and dealmakers.

Our webinar series covered the key topics of directors’ duties, employee incentives, M&A deal terms and financing trends to help strategically guide companies and investors in 2023.

Goodwin lawyers Adam Thatcher, Simon Thomas, and Oonagh Steel examined recent examples of the duties that apply to directors of English companies, covering what they are, what they mean in practice, the challenges faced by directors of high-growth companies, and practical tips during a downturn.

Goodwin partner Saba Rais discussed how companies can use their incentive arrangements to retain and motivate staff during an economic downturn.

Goodwin lawyers Maria Dragun, Andrew Davis, and Kenny Walker-Durrant discussed the key themes and challenges to getting deals done in the current market environment. 

Goodwin partners Sophie McGrath and Elizabeth Rhodes discussed financing trends during the current downturn. The discussion included everything you need to know about what we are currently seeing in the market and guided you through what to expect and strategies for success in the current climate.