March 17, 2021

Update: Further Trends In REIT M+A (2019‒2021)

In 2018, we released our advisory alert “Trends in Public REIT M&A: 2012–2017” chronicling select metrics across the 50+ REIT M&A transactions announced during the 2012‒2017 period. We updated the sample set and findings in our 2019 update alert to account for an additional 15 transactions announced during 2018. From January 2019 through March 15, 2021, a further 32 REIT M&A transactions have been announced with an aggregate transaction value of approximately $60 billion. We are pleased to share in this article our findings with respect to the terms of the most recent set of transactions, in addition to our thoughts on the outlook for REIT and Real Estate sector M&A in 2021 and beyond. Read the full report.