Business Insider
July 22, 2022

Meet the Top 8 Lawyers Helping Startups Patent Artificial Intelligence and Comply with Rules on Privacy and Safety (Business Insider)

These top lawyers are advising companies on complying with AI-related regulatory issues, helping them craft internal policies around how their technology will be used, registering their patents, and representing them in court. Boris Segalis and Lore Leitner are partners in Goodwin's Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity group. They advise tech companies, including emerging startups, using artificial intelligence. "Companies collect a lot of data — for many of them, it's a secondary process to improve their products and learn," Leitner said. "Regulators are catching onto it now — a lot of that data use was going below the radar." Sanjeet Dutta, a Technology partner at the firm advising on intellectual property issues, helps companies enforce patents. "As these companies are looking for funding to start their path, one of the things they have investors ask them is if they've worked with Goodwin to file for patents to protect their inventions," Dutta said. Read the Business Insider article here.