Press Release
October 10, 2017

Eight Goodwin Clients Named to Forbes’ Next Billion Dollar Startups List

The Technology Group is proud to represent the following eight innovative clients who were recently named to Forbes’ Next Billion Dollar Startups 2017, a list showcasing 25 young U.S. companies with a strong chance at reaching a valuation of $1 billion or more:

  • Bright Health provides health insurance based on its founders backgrounds and its strategy of partnering with specific provider groups.
  • Ginkgo Bioworks makes custom-designed living cells for companies in the fragrance, food, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Interactions creates software for robo-voice customer-service systems, powered by artificial intelligence and includes a human element.
  • Livongo makes a glucose monitor that sends patients' blood glucose data to the cloud, where its technology returns results and treatment instructions to the monitor's screen.
  • PillPack mails medications to patients packaged by the day and time they should be taken.
  • Postmates provides a delivery service, by more than 10,000 employees, for restaurants and other businesses.
  • Segment makes systems that help companies collect and analyze customer data.
  • Spire builds and launches small satellites focused on tracking the movements of ships.
  • VLocity sells cloud-based customer-management software for industries like insurance and telecommunications.

Partnering with TrueBridge Capital Partners, Forbes asked 195 venture firms to nominate startups and to encourage their portfolio companies to nominate themselves. To be considered, firms had to provide revenue numbers, their most recent valuations, a list of investors, data on their customers and an outline of their business model and growth trajectory.