Press Release
May 22, 2024

Repertoire® Immune Medicines Collaborates with Bristol Myers Squibb to Develop Tolerizing Vaccines for Autoimmune Diseases, Upfront Payment of $65 Million with up to $1.8 Billion in Milestones and Potential Tiered Royalties

The Life Sciences team advised Repertoire® Immune Medicines in its multi-year strategic collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY) to develop tolerizing vaccines for up to three autoimmune diseases. The collaboration aims to develop efficacious, selective, and durable treatments for patients suffering from autoimmune disease by resetting the immune system. Under the terms of the agreement, Repertoire will receive an upfront payment of $65 million, and up to $1.8 billion for achieving development, regulatory and commercial milestones in addition to receiving tiered royalties.

Repertoire will lead all activities through to development candidate nomination, while BMS will lead clinical development, regulatory affairs, and commercialization of the tolerizing vaccines under an exclusive world-wide license.

Repertoire Immune Medicines is a biotechnology company dedicated to creating treatments for diseases based on the power of the human T cell repertoire to eliminate cancer cells, target pathogens, and regulate immune function in autoimmune disease.

The Goodwin team was led by Shane Albright and Kingsley Taft, and included Alison Liou (Licensing) and Stephanie Richards, Steven Green, and Amanda Rae Schwarzenbart (Life Sciences).

For additional details on the agreement, please read the press release.