Goodwin + KPMG 4th Annual Symposium @ JP Morgan

Goodwin and KPMG hosted their 4th Annual Symposium held during the 41st Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference week.

Life sciences companies have many opportunities to thrive in the face of changing tides. At this year's symposium in January, we delved into strategies that enable life sciences companies to enhance research and development; optimize value from licensing, M&A, and other transactions; and secure capital for growth. By embracing these opportunities, life sciences companies can not only avoid getting caught in a riptide but chart new paths to success. If you missed our Symposium in person, please check the video recordings of each panel.

2023 Agenda & Videos

Matt Wetzel — Partner, Goodwin

Olivia Uitto — Partner, Goodwin
Jessica Lin (moderator) — Partner, Diagnostics Leader, KPMG
Duane Valz — General Counsel, Insitro
Chris Scotto DiVetta — SVP of AI Products, Tempus

Deepa Rich (moderator) — Partner, Goodwin
David Schaffer — Professor at UC Berkeley and Director of QB3
John Boyce — Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tiger Gene Ventures
Galya Blachman — General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and COO, 4:59 Initiative at 5AM Ventures
Sally Wang Liang — JD, MPH, Venture Partner, Viva Bioinnovator

Kristin Ciriello Pothier (moderator) — Global and US Leader, HCLS Deal Advisory and Strategy, KPMG
Hon’ble Minister Mr. K.T. Rama Rao, Hyderabad
Marc Stapley — CEO, Vercyte
Nicole Lambert — Chief Operating Officer, Myriad Genetics
Gitte Pedersen — CEO, Genomic Expression
Gabriele Allegri — Global Commercial Head, Precision Medicine, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson


Lily Wound (moderator) — Partner, Goodwin
Lynn Durham — Stalicla
Martin Akerman — Co-Founder and CTO, Envisagenics
Carolina Aguilar — CEO and Co-Founder, INBRAIN
Michael McInerney — Head of Digital Health Business Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

Danielle Lauzon (moderator) — Partner, Goodwin
Jaqueline Mercier — Partner, Goodwin
Art McGivern — GC, Royalty Pharma
Mike Landsittel — CFO, Blueprint
Kris Ring — Partner, Goodwin
Yasha Dyatlovitsky — Managing Director of Capital Markets, Cowen

Arman Oruc — Partner, Goodwin
Stuart Cable — Vice Chairman, Global Chair of M&A, Goodwin


Janet Lehman (moderator) — Audit Partner, National VC Life Sciences Leader, KPMG
Ben Marsh — Partner, Goodwin
Sean MacGregor — Executive Director, Healthcare Investment, JP Morgan
Marc Dumaine — AAS Partner, KPMG
Jennifer (Scutt) Ziolkowski — Chief Financial Officer at Vigil Neuroscience


Shari Mager (moderator) — Partner and US Deal Advisory & Strategy National Capital Markets Readiness Leader
Marianne Sarrazin — Partner, Goodwin
Rakhee Bhagat — Managing Director and Partner, Healthcare, William Blair
Peter Garcia — CFO, ALX Oncology

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