Press Release June 22, 2020

Capital Markets Team Represents Underwriters of $2.5 Billion Royalty Pharma IPO, Largest U.S. IPO in 2020 to Date

The Life Sciences Capital Markets team advised the underwriters of Royalty Pharma plc’s (NASDAQ: RPRX) $2.5 Billion IPO, the largest U.S. IPO in 2020 to date. Royalty Pharma sold 71,652,250 Class A ordinary shares, which includes the full exercise of the underwriters’ option to purchase additional shares, and certain selling shareholders sold 17,681,670 Class A ordinary shares, at a price to the public of $28.00 per share. 

Founded in 1996, Royalty Pharma is a leading funder of innovation across the biopharmaceutical industry, collaborating with innovators from academic institutions, research hospitals and not-for-profits through small and mid-cap biotechnology companies to leading global pharmaceutical companies. Royalty Pharma has assembled a portfolio of royalties which entitles it to payments based directly on the top-line sales of many of the industry’s leading therapies.

The Goodwin team was led by Ben Marsh, Art McGivern, Edwin O’Connor, Will Magioncalda and Tom Schaad, and included Andrew Harrow, Bryce McCullagh, Janet Andolina, Sonita Bennitt, Nicole Spiteri, Robert Young, Sumiyya Ghauri, Priya Patel, Megan Gustafson, Sarah Stoiber, Brynn Peltz, Cynthia Wells, Ettore Santucci, and Peter LaVigne, with invaluable assistance from Glynn Barwick, Deborah Birnbach, Mitch Bloom, Sarah Bock, Bonnie Choi, Roger Cohen, Ioana Davies, Christine Dimitrov, Christopher Haley, Dan Karelitz, Thomas LaFond, Kimberly Martin, Catherine McCarty, David Roberts, Gretchen Scott, Rachel Thurbon, Julie Tibbets, and Alex Varond.

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