Goodwin’s Technology M&A team advised Bobbie in its acquisition of Nature’s One.

Bobbie is an organic baby formula delivery startup that sells direct-to-consumer and offers a subscription service to parents across the U.S.

Nature’s One is an Ohio-based pediatric nutrition company and manufacturer who for decades has worked to set a new bar for formula in quality and organics.

The Goodwin team was led by David Concannon, Aly Love Simons, Brian Mulhall, Ally Gao and Rachel Qi, and included Jia Jia Huang, Brittany Fayette, Michael Perlmutter, Andy Lacy, John Goheen, Kevin Walsh, Nick Pellow, Joanne Gray, Fred McGowen, Mandy Russo, Ed Holzwanger, Ana Alvarado, Andy Barton, Tali Shulman, Andre Amorim, Brad Stewart, Boris Segalis, Jonathan Louis Newmark, Isabelle Staff, Kelsey Lemaster, Chris Zhao, Ben Tschann, Jordan Kass, Jason Wilcox, Katie Dee, Nathan Brodeur, Kevin Grumberg, Jason Lawrence, Ai Tajima, Cecelia Lockner, Libby Sousa and Jordan Weiss, with invaluable assistance from Karen Martinez, Katie Jones and Lindsey Falco.

For more details, read the press release and coverage in Fortune and TechCrunch.