The Life Sciences team advised Advanced Biologics in its merger with Isto Biologics.

The merger will seamlessly integrate Advanced Biologics' proprietary products into Isto's esteemed and growing portfolio of allografts found within their Influx™ line.

Advanced Biologics (ABC) is a 3-time, Orthopedics This Week - New Technology Award winning biologics company focused on developing innovative and clinically relevant biologic solutions across a wide degree of medical specialties.

Isto Biologics is a leading biologics and cellular therapy company in the orthopedic space.

The Goodwin team was led by John Egan, Steven Green, Conner Pine, and Nadia Bryan, with invaluable assistance from Paul Jin, Daniel Karelitz, Jacob Osborn, Jordan Weiss, Heather Brookfield, Asher Funk, Edward Holzwanger, Jonathan Ishee, Jacqueline Klosek, Kevin Liu, John McGrath, Ai Tajima, Steven Tjoe, Lee Douthitt, Federica DeSantis, Viktors Dindzans, Danielle Fong, Eric Graffeo, Gozde Guckaya, Chris Jones, Jinny Kim, Qiuyu (Zoe) Li, Wendy Lisman, Austin Marich, Carrie Miller, Matthew Tippett, Kevin WalshSarah Wicks, David Lopes, Janis Nici, Laura Quinn, Will Rixmann, and Scott Zilora.

For more details, read the press release.