The energy industry faces a rapidly shifting landscape of market challenges, regulatory hurdles and technological changes. Energy companies consistently rely on Goodwin’s highly successful, multi-faceted transactional, regulatory and litigation practice. We help our clients succeed in nuclear, solar, wind, renewable and alternative energy technologies.

We assist with:

  • Siting and permitting of energy generation and distribution facilities such as power plants and natural gas pipelines;
  • Negotiation of energy-related services, such as energy infrastructure agreements for new development projects;
  • Acquisition-related activities for power plants, with particular expertise in the nuclear industry;
  • Ongoing advice on critical operational issues, including air, cooling-water intake and related concerns.

Our work in the privatization and transfer of nuclear power plants, including litigation surrounding those transfers, remains first-in-class. Further, our leadership in the development and defense of advanced renewable technologies and installations, including biomass, wind and solar technologies, is well known and highly regarded, an integrated companion practice to our extensive transactional clean tech innovation work.

On behalf of our clients, Goodwin’s energy attorneys have participated in numerous rulemaking, and utility merger proceedings as well as legislative, stakeholder and regulatory proceedings before State and Federal agencies. Goodwin specializes in developing the strategic direction and financing, including hedge fund, private equity, venture capital, governmental and alternative funding, for clean tech and energy companies. And with the breakneck pace of technology disrupting industries around the world, we partner with our clients to embrace the promise and potential of innovation to make a lasting impact.